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lier Triestina - Pirelli project unites two companies that represent the excellence of Italian in the cycle industry to create much more than a team, a dream: bring an Italian team to play a dominant role in the rankings of international races of MTB, both in Cross Country and in Marathon.

The Wilier Triestina - Pirelli Factory Team continues the excellent work done in the past years by the team manager Marco Trentin, but expanded with the addition of new athletes and above all with new partners who immediately recognized the value of the Wilier Triestina - Pirelli project .

A group made up of 8 athletes including the Italian champions Fabian Rabensteiner and Giada Specia, the Belgian champion Wout Alleman, but also Daniel Geismayr, Samuele Porro, Simone Avondetto, Gioele De Cosmo and Janis Baumann .

The last few seasons for our team have been really exciting with great results in the international races with young athletes who have grown up and together with us have achieved very big successes. At the point where we had come it was time for us to take another step forward and that step was to become a Factory Team. Thanks to Wilier Triestina we now have this opportunity and with the support of long-time partners such as Pirelli, Tonello and Autovega, the next 3 years will be those tha

t will see us pursue important and ambitious goals. We want to leave our marks and I believe we have all the credentials to do so. In the XCO World Cup we present ourselves with a very young team, but which includes some of the best future talents; with the Marathon team we are ready to reap the benefits of many years of work and to define ourselves once again as one of the top world teams both in long distance tests of one day, but also and above all in the most prestigious stage races. We could not be more excited to start this adventure alongside Wilier Triestina, also because the whole company immediately welcomed us as if we had been part of the family for years. The riders and I can't wait to refund this great trust ".

From Trentin's words it is clear that the Wilier-Pirelli team will be a team with strong Italian roots, but with an international flair that aims to grow even more in the coming years. In fact, Wilier Triestina - Pirelli Factory Team has great short-term goals in the marathon, including the victory at Cape Epic with two top teams, and in the medium-long term in the XCO sector where young riders will be the real protagonists, ready to to grow to dream of the Paris Olympics and the World Cup podiums.

All athletes will compete on the new URTA SLR full suspension mountain bike. There will be three colors used by the team: a standard black matte and two special designs made specifically for national champions Giada Specia and Fabian Rabensteiner (Italy) and Wout Alleman (Belgium).

Andrea Gastaldello, Executive Chairman of Wilier Triestina: ”With the birth of the Wilier Triestina - Pirelli Factory Team we wanted to take a new important step forward in the off-road sector. The goal of increasing our market share and reputation in the MTB sector internationally has been clear for some time: first with the sponsorship of Massimo Debertolis' Wilier 7C Force marathon team - which will continue in 2022 - and then with the launch of increasingly high-level products. In 2021 we presented the ultra-light full suspension URTA SLR, a top-of-the-range product designed and produced for the agonist. A bike that has all the credentials to compete and win both in the marathon and in the cross country. These are the reasons that led us to become the new title partner of Marco Trentin's team, now Wilier Triestina - Pirelli Factory Team. The Factory Team identity is a clear message of how this team will be directly linked to our company, to support the development of new products that, we are sure, will be appreciated by all bikers. We are really confident of what positive can be gathered from such an experience, also because we are in good company. Together with us they have decided to take part in the project of brands with indisputable prestige such as Pirelli, Shimano, Fox, Miche and we are really proud of it. At a sporting level we hope to start immediately with important results with athletes such as Geismayr, Rabensteiner, Del Cosmo, Alleman and Porro on the marathon. In cross country, however, our vision is more in the medium term, having decided to support highly talented young people such as Avondetto, Specia and Baumann. With them we are already thinking about the Paris 2024 Olympics ".

Pirelli has been alongside Marco Trentin and team’s riders for many years, they developed toghether teh XC RC tires, which have climbed the top steps of the most important international MTB races. A development work that continues unabated and that will now be even more galvanized by the will to highlight the excellence of Made in Italy with an important and prestigious partner like Wilier Triestina.

"For Pirelli - says Samuele Bressan, Global Marketing Manager of Pirelli Cycling - the racing platform developed together with Marco Trentin in recent years has been of fundamental importance for the development of the Scorpion range, and for the affirmation of the brand in the MTB racing scene. The results in the race are proof of the value of the project as well as of the technical value of the product, from all points of view: Pirelli has always been devoted to continuous development and does so in all fields, from motorsport to cycling, with the same approach. The confirmation of the support for this team and the new lymph brought by a prestigious brand like Wilier Triestina represent a further springboard, which propels us to Paris 2024 with great ambitions "

Wilier Triestina - Pirelli Factory Team is ready for a truly fiery 2022.

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